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if I were an attractive female you'd all pay more attention
It's not often that something as awesomely awesome as Vince Shlomi (the ShamWow guy) punching a hooker who was biting his tongue comes along. And while the resulting headline: "ShamPOW! " is pretty funny, it's too obvious. Take these examples:


The bottom line: funny, but sort of a missed opportunity. Give credit to the staff of bestweekever.tv for coming up with the very best ShamWow headline:

OMFG: Shamwow Guy Shampows A Prostitute In The Face

It's a beautiful touch of postmodernism when not only do they make the obvious pun, but turn it into a verb. A limited-use verb, to be sure, but wonderful. Limited use because only Vince could "shampow" someone, you see. Nevertheless, I am amused.

PS- I'm not too proud to admit I had to check and make sure I was right in my application of the word "postmodernism." Nailed it!

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