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Gators have Kiffin in their sights

Lane Kiffin says he's glad that the Gators' have the Tennessee logo all over their locker room. He shouldn't be. Ask Mark Richt what it feels like to be hovering in the Gators' sights. Urban Meyer is not the sort of person to take shots at.

And I hate Tennessee. If the Vols lose every game from now until the end of forever, I would never feel sorry for them. And for Kiffin to come after Meyer and the Gators, I get it. He's trying to stir things up, get people talking about the program, which had been falling off the map. But dude, seriously. There's an old saying, "if you kick a tiger in the ass, you better be prepared to deal with his teeth."

I doubt they are ready.

This is the game to bet the over. Take the points.

When Florida plays Tennessee this year, in the Swamp, they're going to see something new. And I can't wait.

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